Our reasons

The time has come to try and solve the current and future problems, now, when the number of hotels, motels and boarding houses, which were used to be called the “household industry”, and all are now facing Poland joining the European Union.

So far, there has been no such organization in Krakow and in the region of Malopolska, which would gather together accommodation objects, hotel schools and gastronomy facilities.

Our tradition reaches back to the Gemium Corporation of Hotel and Boarding House Owners in Krakow (Korporacja Gremium Właścicieli Hoteli i Pensjonatów w Krakowie) which existed until 1950. Then, the Corporation ceased to exist, as hotels were taken away from their legal owners.

Hotels were returned to their owners after 1990, but the organization has been restored only recently.

In the initial meeting of the “GREMIUM Hotel Chamber of Malopolska in Krakow on 8 March, in the Orient Hotel, the recent Chairman of Gremium, Mr. Zbigniew Chojnacki, owner of the “Pollera” Hotel in Krakow, delivered the acts of association and the Corporation stamp to the restored organization, these symbols being carefully kept by him in hope that the organization could be reborn at some time.

Our objectives

  1. Continuing the proud tradition of the former Gremium of Hotel and Boarding House Owners in Krakow.
  2. Promoting the Polish hospitality as the Polish National Product.
  3. Supporting commercial initiatives of the members.
  4. Spreading modern knowledge in the scope of hotel and gastronomy industry with organization of meetings, seminars and congresses.
  5. Approaching appropriate organs, along with the Tourist Chamber of Krakow (Krakowska Izba Turystyczna) and the Tourist Organization of Malopolska (Małopolska Organizacja Turystyczna) with the initiative of promoting Krakow and Malopolska in the field of hotel, gastronomy and tourism industries.
  6. Representing commercial interests of the associated entities in the scope of their commercial operations, in particular toward State and local government organs in the area of the Malopolska Province.
  7. Shaping and spreading principles of professional ethics in commercial operations, including the standards for reliable behaviour in commercial trading.
  8. Providing opinions for drafts of solutions referring to functioning of economy in the scope of hotel and gastronomy industries and participating in preparation of drafts for acts of law in this respect.
  9. Assessing implementation and functioning of acts of law referring to hotel and gastronomy industries.
  10. Organising aid of the Chamber in solving problems related to economy, organization and law, referring to undertaking and conducting commercial operations by the members.
  11. Enhancing the level of services, including support for vocation education in the scope of hotel and gastronomy industries, organizing training events for pupils, students and employees of hotels and gastronomy facilities and services employed for supporting domestic and international tourism, funding scholarships abroad.
  12. Protection of vocational, commercial and economic interests of the entities active in the hotel, gastronomy and other industries related to services for tourists and producers supporting the hotel and gastronomy industries.
  13. Spreading principles of professional ethics in the hotel and gastronomy industries.
  14. Supporting modernization and improving standards of hotels objects and gastronomy facilities and help for small “off-Krakow” hotels to appear in the tourist market.


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